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RUMI® II System with Koh-Efficient Technology

The RUMI® II System provides highly effective, safer uterine manipulation for any laparoscopic or robotic pelvic surgery.

Surgeons will experience superior exposure and control of the uterus, and greater access to pelvic anatomy.

The RUMI II reusable manipulator handle features a 2-inch longer shaft than the original RUMI, and allows for full 140-degree articulation at the cervix and remarkable visibility.

For added control and safety, the handle’s frictionless locking mechanism maintains tip orientation and stable uterine positioning during dissection.


The Mobius Wound Protectors provide 360° circumferential retraction while lining the incision site to help protect wound edges from contamination.

The malleable outer ring molds to the patient’s abdomen to provide secure, low-profile exposure during a variety of OB/GYN and laparotomy procedures, especially Cesarean Sections.

Lone Star Self-Retaining Retractors – Disposable

The Lone Star Retractor System is comprised of a variety of self-retaining, adjustable retractors which offer superior access and visualization across a wide range of surgical applications. From Gynecologists to Otolaryngologists, surgeons across the world consider Lone Star a “must-have” product within their OR.

These single-use retractors are light-weight and sterile-packaged to ensure streamlined delivery to the surgical field case after case.